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A Capella Singing Groups from N.C.State, Duke, and UNC!

      The Varsity Vocal Showcase held at the N.C. State Fair, 2012 was a rousing success! Ticket proceeds went to the performing groups up to $50,000!  And what amazing groups they were!  It was a great opportunity for the community to see and hear awesome a capella singing from N.C.State University, Duke, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I thought you might like to see and hear a little of them here, and wanted you to know that they all have facebook pages/and or webpages, all have CD’s for sale, and all are fantastic! A quick search of the web for any of these groups will give you all the information you’d like to have!

    We are very partial to the Ladies in Red from NC State, because one of us GRITS, Ali, sang with the founding group of this organization in 1993! We were thrilled to see these young ladies continuing the tradition of excellance! 

        The Grains of Time, men’s a capella group from N.C.State stole the show with their sharp look and awesome sound! Go State!

Rhythm and Blue from Duke was the only mixed, men and women group to perform! They were excellent as well, enjoy!


From UNC Chapel Hill came two groups to wow the audience! The Loreleis and the  Clef   Hangers!