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Get Your Motor Running! Zero to Hero Challenge


Today’s going to be a  feel-good day! There’s snow on the ground–the kids are all trapped inside–the baby ‘s not sleeping at night— and I feel like EEYORE!  But no more! We are going to crank up the volume and dance to the music! Dance like nobody’s watching! Just do it! and have fun!  

As part of my Zero to Hero challenge, I had to take a look at the stats that  Word Press collects on my blog for me! I was to look for and take note of my most popular blog posts. The assignment was to take one of the popular ones and put a spin on it, and post away!   I was surprised to see that my most popular posts seemed to be ones about feeling good;   about abstract ideas like reputation; and about community events! Here I was , thinking about specializing in genealogy on my blog! 

 So, I’m planning to put some feel good blog posts and other things into my blog as often as possible–afterall, I need them as much as anyone! Flowers, music, dancing–let me know please–what makes you feel good? Music and dancing has always done it for me–gets my motor running every time!  Here’s wishing you a day full of verve and elan! Helen

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