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Scotty McCreery in Concert!

    Scotty McCreery , North Carolina’s American Idol, held two sold-out shows at the 2012 North Carolina State Fair! We were so lucky to be in the audience!   Scotty is a N.C.State University Wolf packer now! You go Scotty!
      Our family had bought our tickets a full year before the concert! That shows our love and loyalty, and our joy in getting to see Scotty in person! Now we want to share some of what we saw: photos, videos, see, we are the 2012 Street Team for the NC State Fair this year-The Deep Fried GRITS, Girls Raised In The South, so we were allowed to photograph, etc. Annie did those honors!

     Scotty hails from right here in Raleigh,Garner to be exact, but he’s a home-town boy! He sounds however like a 45 year old man, but looks like a cherubic boy! Its impossible not to love this young man! Now, featured below are the pictures and video of Scotty McCreery taken by Annie Holshouser!

From: scottymccreery.com and soundspike.com

Freshmen year of college is a big transition for anyone, but especially for Scotty McCreery. Between touring with Brad Paisley and putting out a Christmas album, it’s amazing that he’s had time to attend his classes at North Carolina State University, let alone enjoy them.
“It’s been three weeks since my first day,” McCreery recently told SoundSpike via telephone from Virginia Beach, VA. “It’s going really well for me so far… I’ve gotten to do so many cool things, like go to the World Series and sing. Right now, I’m on tour with Brad Paisley. It’s been a crazy great year for me since ‘Idol.'”

Read the full article at SoundSpike to find out how every one’s favorite Country superstar-slash-communications/public relations major juggles his crazy schedule.

» www.soundspike.com

Scotty starts the concert with “I love you this big!”, this video is from You Tube and took place at NC State’s Reynold’s Coliseum last month!

Above Scotty sings and has a banjo surprise!

Scotty McCreery gave us a wonderful preview of his new Christmas album which is in stores October 17, 2012! This is a song on the CD called Christmas In Heaven — at N.C. State Fair.




 What a great concert! What a great young man, We are so proud of our Scotty McCreery!