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Five of my Favorite Blogs! –a Zero to Hero Challenge


Today I want to take a minute to share some of my favorite blogs–I hope it will inspire you to go and look at them– I also have to admit that this is an assignment from my Zero to Hero Challenge! They are teaching us the concept of “sharing what we love”–and another way to connect to our community. I must say I think it is a great idea, but I don’t know if I would have thought to do it on my own.  I have chosen five blogs to share with you today–three on genealogy (one – another challenge I’m working on which a lot of  you might find interesting!), one on table settings and home decor, and one that is just hilarious! I think I’ll have to save the funniest one for last, because I’m afraid if you go there, you’ll get so caught up in his humorous stories that you’ll never come back! 

St. Patrick's Day Tea 004The first blog I want to share is a blog I’ve been enjoying for a couple of years now! A lot of you might be surprised, because I’m not known as a domestic diva, but I love this blog! It’s called “Between Naps on the Porch” by Susan, and it is chock full of inspiring ideas for decorating your home, setting an awesome table, even decorating your rooms! I’m still lusting after the office she made for herself which you can see here.in her blog! I really want one just like it! She also gives home tours–like of her Governor’s mansion–of celebrities’ homes, and historical  places. Mardi Gras is coming up soon, and you will be greatly inspired to decorate all out by catching a glimpse of this fantastic table setting! Really it is fun to see!  She sponsors contests, and generally just keeps you entertained royally! “Between Naps on the Porch”–doesn’t that name alone just invoke visions of lazy days on the porch with a pitcher of lemonade! Well, lazy she is not– she writes, holds contests, takes pictures, publishes a newsletter! Gracious! I admire her work greatly!

Now–genealogy blogs! I have a million I love! but I’ve chosen three to share today–because I think some of you might just like what you find and be happy to see them! The first is a teaching blog I’d say. It is called Moore’s Genealogy and C.H. Moore Jr. who writes it, is a very talented genealogist. He talks about various subjects like breaking through brick walls, using your DNA test to help with research, and even how hard it is to trace your female ancestors–along with hints to help! Check it out my genealogical friends–I think you’ll like it! Helen's study

The second genealogical blog I want to highlight tonight is another one of my favorites right now! The name of the blog is No Story Too Small! I love that very title , and wish I had thought of it first! LOL  The author is Amy Johnson Crow and her blog is about the stories of her ancestors she says, and she encourages us to do exactly that–tell stories of our own ancestors! At the beginning of this  year, Amy issued a challenge to all bloggers– to write 52 stories of ancestors in 52 weeks! I was excited to join the challenge, because that is what I want to do –write stories of the people in my family tree that I am beginning to know!  Over two hundred bloggers signed up for the challenge! Poor Amy–I feel sorry for her having to organize all that, but as a professional genealogist, and a former librarian she seems to handle it with ease! Every Wednesday we get to see a “recap” of the ancestors written about that week! It is so cool, because she lists all of the ancestors’ surnames in alphabetical order–so you can quickly see if anyone else is writing about one of your own ancestors–look at this week’s list if you’d like ! In scanning this list just this week, I found someone writing about a name that was familiar. And sure enough, upon further investigation, we were cousins, unknown to each other before this–but talking everyday on facebook at this point! He is an awesome researcher himself, you might want to check out his blog as well! 

Raymond Nichols is the cousin I met this week! He is kin to  almost all of my mother’s family from southwest Virginia, so I was pleased to be able to invite him to a facebook page of those cousins! He has quickly become a popular contributor on the page, because he knows so much! His genealogy blog is actually titled “Questions and Answers” and is a great place for you to go with  your genealogy questions! He is a professional genealogist with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge to share! Check it out! 

Last but WAY NOT LEAST is one of the funniest blogs I’ve had the pleasure to read in a while–it is called the Rush Hour Rant, go read it, you’ll love it! It is totally irreverent–so don’t go read it if you’re in a disapproving mood–or maybe that’s when  you should–because you might just find your self laughing in spite of yourself! It just so happened that he, who calls himself the Rant, wrote about being late to events and meetings lately. This touched me personally, because I have always been late. The Rant taught me a new way to respond to my friends about my tardiness–take a listen…

“Sorry I’m late…

….but I was posing for an action figure of myself and the designer just couldn’t get the moobs right.

…I was practicing my impression of an unambiguous Koala and I lost track of time.

…but I was giving a family of hedgehogs a lift home and they lived way out-of-town. It was Gerald’s birthday bless him and he wanted to see the city lights.”

LOL, enjoy! Let me know what  you think of these blogs if you look at them. Hope you have a great day and week, Come back and see me soon, Helen  

PS I also learned how to “embed” all those links today, finally, so let me know if you used them to see the blogs! 

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