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K is for Katy! My 3 Year-Old Granddaughter




Katy at 3rd birthday party. Collage by her father's sister, her Aunt Amy Orcutt Pickering.

Katy turned 3 on January 21, 2015,  Princess cupcake cake made by Aunt Annie Holshouser was a hit!


Kathryn Marie Orcutt, called Katy, my precious granddaughter, lights up our lives with her sweetness and joy. She is the daughter of Gregory Orcutt and Alexandra Kathryn Orcutt, my daughter. 

When she is sitting calmly by herself –sometimes, you can hear her singing her current favorite song–“Everything is Awesome!”


Katy climbing where she should not go

“Look at me! First I pulled all the videos off the shelf, then I climbed right up and leaned, fell, jumped over to the back of the chair! Now, how am I going to get down?! Help, Mommy! “

Katy is a daredevil too, however, so she keeps us  on the edge of our seats! She loves to climb and nothing is too daunting for her!  She once tried to climb  the long chain hanging  down from a stained glass lamp and pulled the treasured lamp, made by her Granddaddy, right out of the ceiling! Thank heavens, she wasn’t hurt, nor was the lamp, miraculously!


Katy the flower girl at Amy Orcutt's wedding, Oct. 11, 2014

Graceful flower girl in her Aunt Amy Orcutt Pickering’s wedding.


Katy is named after several beloved family members– first and foremost, her mother Ali, Alexandra Kathryn Holshouser Orcutt. We also have my beloved cousin Kathryn Youngblood Fuller, and my mother’s sister Katherine named after her mother–my maternal grandmother Katherine Steptoe Houchins Kearse/Kerse (called Kate) . These are some of the treasured family members her parents were thinking of when they named her Katy.

 Her middle name Marie, is just as, or even more prevalent in our family.  Max Holshouser, my husband, Ali’s father, Katy’s  granddaddy–his mother was Helen Marie Wagner Holshouser.  Helen Marie named her daughter Brenda Marie, Max’s sister. Brenda named one of her three daughters Patrice Marie, Patrice had Amanda Marie, who has Paisley Marie! That’s five generations of Marie’s in Ali’s father’s family!

I also had an Aunt Helen Marie Youngblood Webb, who had a daughter Grace Marie Webb Wingo , and a granddaughter through her son Philip named  Maria Webb.  In the South, we love family legacies, and family names, it makes genealogy harder, but it is a loving tribute.

Katy with wings and sophia gown cropped

Katy pretends she can fly as she jumps off the sofa, fairy wings held high!

Katy was a premature baby like both of her siblings. She was  6 weeks   early, and had to be in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for  about three weeks.  That was an extremely stressful time!  Every developmental milestone she reaches, counting, recognizing letters, talking– is duly noted by her mom, and her psychologist grandmother!  We are very aware of the concerns–possible leaning difficulties. So far she is meeting or exceeding every developmental milestone, counts and knows all her letters, and even laughs at her grandmother’s jokes! 

Katy’s current favorite joke is this one which sends her off into peals of laughter!

Knock Knock                
Who’s there
Banana                                   20140801_150129
Banana who…
Knock Knock
Who’s there
Banana who…
Knock Knock
Who’s there
Banana who…
(This bit can go on for some time!!)
Knock Knock
Who’s there
Orange who…
Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again!!

She even likes to tell it herself, dress herself, walk by herself, eat by herself, and just do everything–“by myself!” Miss Independent! I love it and her.  (Sorry if it doesn’t show, LOL)  I’d love to hear about the special kids in your own life! Thanks for sharing  with me. Helen

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“E” is for Evie, Eve or Evelyn, our Grandaughter


Evie and Grandaddy Max, try out her new rocking horse made by Max.Easter, 2015

Evelyn Noel Orcutt is my youngest grandchild – the youngest of three, Liam 7, Katy 3, and Evie 15 months, who belong to my daughter Ali-Alexandra Kathryn Holshouser and her husband Gregory Alan Orcutt.   Pictured above with her Grandaddy Max, my husband, who made that beautiful mahogany and oak rocking horse for the children for Easter, 2015.

Evie is just coming into her own as a little person, not just a baby. I love to see her playing games with us like when she is in her high chair and throws her sippy cup onto the floor for the 10th time, and says “Oh-oh! “ so convincingly as if it were an accident!” Someone picks it up, and within a second it is back on the floor, as long as someone is playing! She laughs and giggles..oh my gracious, is there better food for the soul than the sound of a child’s laughter?

Evie has quite a genealogical history behind her name, as do many in our family. Her paternal grandmother, whom she adores, is named Evelyn Kaye Brown, called Kaysie. Grammy Kaysie, to the kids, is full of energy and joyful fun!  Kaysie’s maternal grandmother was also an Evelyn, her name was Hulda Evelyn Haslop Marcelle. Evie’s relationship chart to her looks like this:

Hulda Evelyn Haslop (1895 – 1977)

is your 2nd great grandmother

Constance Marcelle (1920 – 1991)

daughter of Hulda Evelyn Haslop

Evelyn Kaye Brown (1948 – )

daughter of Constance Marcelle

Gregory Alan Orcutt (1971 – )

son of Evelyn Kaye Brown

Evelyn Noel Orcutt

You are the daughter of Gregory Alan Orcutt

On her maternal side, Evie has a Great Aunt Evelyn, also called Evie by the family. Her whole name was Mary Evelyn Langhorne Kearse. She was the oldest of seven children and my mother’s sister. She also has  a third great grandmother named Evaline or Evelyn Langhorne. Their relationship chart looks like this:

Evaline Langhorne (1866 – 1900)

is your 3rd great grandmother

Katherine Steptoe Houchins(1883 – 1943)

daughter of Evaline (going blind when died young)) Langhorne

Margaret Steptoe Kearse (1918 – 1980), sister of Mary Evelyn Langhorne

daughters of Katherine Steptoe Houchins

Helen Spear Youngblood(1949 – )

daughter of Margaret Steptoe Kearse

Alexandra “Ali” Kathryn Holshouser (1974 – )

daughter of Helen Spear Youngblood

Evelyn Noel Orcutt

You are the daughter of Alexandra “Ali” Kathryn Holshouser

Kerse, Evelyn

Mary Evelyn Langhorne Kearse

Isn’t that an interesting legacy, at least 4 Evelyn namesakes , two from her Father’s side of the family and two from her Mother’s side.

Actually, there are more Evelyn’s in our tree I am sure, but perhaps the most important one is her relationship to Eve of Adam and Eve! Truly, I have gathered together, with the help of other researchers, our family line from Eve Orcutt, b. 2013, to Eve born about 4020 BC! I cannot print the ancestral line in this post, because I have it in a notebook, and it takes up about 22 pages. I have not had it checked by a Biblical scholar, but I would truly like to have that done one day.  I put it together as a gift for Evie and for our whole family, and it feels awesome to I look at it. If you have a strong desire to look at this information, leave me a message in a comment and we’ll see what we can do. 

I’d love to hear about your own name legacies in your families, who are you named for, do you know? Is there a story? I’d love to hear about it.



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Casper Haulzhausen,1708-1785, Immigrant with a Governor G.G.G.G.Grandson–52 ancestors in 52 weeks, #20


Philadelphia Harbor in the 1700s

Philadelphia harbor in the 1700’s, unknown artist

Casper Haulzhausen arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 16, 1731, age 23, aboard the ship “Samuel”. He immigrated from the Palatinate area of Germany where he was born in 1708. The ship Samuel was captained by Hugh Peirch, ship master from Rotterdam. Upon arrival, the spelling of his name was changed to Holtzhousen. Later, one of his sons changed the spelling to Holshouser as we use it today. It’s so exciting to find  your ancestor’s name on the passenger’s list when they arrived–to think of that long journey, and to see the men, women ,and children with whom they traveled.  Casper arrived here on August 16, 1731, and on August 17 was required to take an oath of allegiance. You might wonder–or assume that he was showing allegiance to his new country of America–but as I am prone to forget, we were not our own country yet, so yes, he had to take an oath of allegiance to the current King of England! 

Casper, ships passenger list and oath of allegience approval

“We the subscribers, natives and late inhabitants of the Palatinate upon the Rhine and places adjacent, having transported ourselves into this Province of Pennsylvania, a colony subject to the Crown of Great Britain, in hopes and expectation of finding a retreat and peaceable settlement therein: Do solemnly promise and engage that we will be faithful and bear true allegiance to his present Majesty King George II, and his successors, and will be faithful to the Proprietors of this Province; and that we will demean ourselves peaceably to all his said Majesty’s subjects, and strictly observe and conform to the laws of England and of this Province to the utmost of our power and best of our understanding.” 

Casper, b.1708, is my husband Max Holshouser’s fifth great-grandfather, of course that makes him my childrern’s sixth, and my grandchildren’s seventh great-grandfather! I believe time does fly! Three hundred and eight years since he was born–and I cannot even count the thousands of ancestors spread across the United States!  However, I actually know someone who might be able to do just that! I met Jerri McCoy a couple of years ago, I think on ancestry.com. She was collecting information from my Holshouser family tree and we started “talking”.  I was very surprised and somewhat awed to learn that she had been researching the Holshousers  for many years, and is collecting a master database of Holshousers in the USA! How incredible! I was happy to share my tree with her, and have enjoyed working with her for  some time since then! If you would like to access her database and learn how to be in touch with her, leave me a message and I will send you the link. 

Back to Casper, who met and married Margaretha Bingham in 1732, one year after arriving in America. She was from Germany also, having been born there in 1709. Together they had  five children, three sons and two daughters: 

Johannes Jacob Haulzhausen, Birth 17 Jun 1732-Death 1787

Anna Margaretha Haulzhausen, Birth 1737

Andreas Holtzhousen, Birth 1741-Death, 1810

Michael Holtzhousen, Birth 1743-Death 1810

Catharina Holtzhauser, Birth 1745-Death 1784

Andreas was the first child to move away to North Carolina, but most of the rest of the family followed. In the next post I want to tell you about their trip to NC, and where you can see examples of Andreas’ fine craftsmanship on display still today! Andreas had twelve children. His son Casper, 1785,went on to found my husband’s direct line.  Casper’s son Charles led to Max, and his son  James moved to Blowing Rock, NC and founded the line producing the Governor of North Carolina, James Eubert Holshouser Jr, Max’s third cousin once removed.  Isn’t it amazing –from a single young man arriving alone on a boat, in a foreign country, to fathering the Governor of North Carolina! These early Holshouser immigrants have reason to be proud of their heritage, and of the hard work of their descendants Just  yesterday, my husband of 43 years, Max Alexander Holshouser and I , and our two daughters and three grandchildren, all went to the Holshouser Reunion held annually in our state. It is so much fun to get together- there where the Holshousers settled in the mid 1700’s! You can almost feel their presence in the church in which we meet! More about that next time. 

Casper Holtzhauser (1708 – 1785)
is your 5th great-grandfather
son of Casper Holtzhauser
son of Andreas Holtzhousen
son of Casper Holshouser
son of Charles Holshouser
son of Jacob Luther Holshouser
son of John Calvin Holshouser
You are the son of Henry Max Holshouser



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