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Elvis is in the House!


Elvis Tribute Artist, Keith Henderson, gave an outstanding show for the Lion’s Club’s charities at Louisburg College in Louisburg, NC, March 2, 2013! We had so much fun with him, listening to all the oldies, singing along, meeting his family! Yes, he’s a family man from North Carolina, you can find him on facebook! He was down to earth, and even had his daughter, Lauren Miller sing some songs with  him! However, there was no mistaking that he was there to entertain us, and entertain he did!   What an awesome voice he has! 

We went to the concert with 
our friends and neighbors,

 Linda and Jerry, and Max and I had a blast with them! Jerry and I  both have birthdays this month, 
so we were celebrating! Friends are  the icing on our cake aren’t they?! They add so much joy to our lives! 
Thank you Linda and Jerry
 for being such great friends! 

                                                         Linda even took this picture                                                   of Elvis Keith and me! What a thrill! I’m thinking of making it my profile picture on facebook! LOL I don’t exactly know what the magic of Elvis is, but I have loved him since I was about nine years old! I’ll never stop I guess, and I’ve got to get to Graceland in Memphis before I die! 

-from Elvis.com

North Carolina’s own Keith Henderson everybody…our own Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist!