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Summer flowers still blooming in October

Look what’s still blooming in the Southern garden, where summer lasts a long time. Or, at least that’s usually what we’re saying about now, the end of September, beginning of October.

Single Pink Knockout Rose

But this year, we’ve actually had some nice fall weather in the last two weeks, with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s.  I’m not complaining, I truly love this weather! It’s just that it seems unusual to me. Most Septembers are more about the heat than cool fall weather. Usually, we are still sweltering under 90-95 degree days with muggy nights in the 70’s. Nobody can yet imagine wearing a furry Halloween costume at that rate.(Excuse the tangent—been shopping costumes with grandchildren!)  It’s usually about the 3rd week in October before we get a cool down.  Well, this year has been different. Its been a cool down to fall-like weather since mid September! All that is to say, I wonder how these summer flowers are hanging on? With lows in the 50’s, almost 47, some nights, and highs barely out of the 60’s, Fall is here.Most annuals don’t like temperatures lower than 50 degrees, so I’m sure their days are limited.

Double Pink Coneflower, middle blooms pink as well
Double Pink Coneflower, before center “blooms”

Mandevilla Vine, pink

Impatiens, pink and white

Vinca, white and pink volunteers

Endless summer Hydrangea

Gardenia Shrubs, belonging to neighbor Laura, I am growing one from a cutting.

Sweet Potato vine, flowering

Sweet Potato Vine, Marguerita, chartreuse green

Knock Out Rose, double, grown from cutting from friend’s bush

Verbenia, Purple, “Homestead”, ground cover

Black-eyed Susan

I understand the mums, asters, liriope and sunflowers still blooming  along with the sedums, and the autumn clematis, obviously they ae fall flowers.  However the coneflowers, the mandevilla, impatiens, vinca, endless summer hydrangeas, gardenias, zinnias, sweet potato vines, knockout roses, verbena, and black eyed susans, …I would have thought they’d have gone dormant by now, or at least not be blooming! Not that I mean to be complaining, I love these beauties, and love that they are lasting longer than I expected! I am just observing their longevity, and enjoying the blessings they bring to my life. 

Daisy Mum, just beginning to bloom, October 1, 2012

Autumn asters


Sunflower belonging to my neighbor Dee
This was a volunteer, a gift from the birds?

Over the years, I have kept garden journals and scrapbooks. Why is it helpful to know what blooms when, and other facts about your flowers?  It can help you a lot– it helps you strategize for winter care, be prepared for Spring bloom, and to know when to divide, move, fertilize, or prune your plants.  We’ll explore all of these subjects at a later date. Right now, I’m watching what’s going dormant, what’s coming out, and deciding what I want and am energetic enough to bring inside in a pot or as cuttings to be rooted, and carried through the winter. The important thing is just to enjoy every  blossom while it lasts. Hope you have a great day today, maybe in your own garden! Helen