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The Royal Red Divas Party with Angels

The Royal Red Divas Party with Angels!

      This past Monday night, the Royal Divas of the Red Hat Society got together for their annual Christmas party! We went to a local restaurant that provided us with a private room in which to party.  We never said we were the angels! LOL   We did have some serious contemplation time as one of our members, Countess Regina, sang an inspiring rendition of “Angels We Have Heard On High”!  Her chorus of “glo.o..o..o..o…or ia, in excelsis deo!” just sent shivers up my spine!
    One of our pink hatters, Princess Sweet Melody, performed an interpretive dance to “I Am Your Angel” by Celine Dion.  She was dressed like an angel, complete with wings and halo, and we began to feel the spiritual presence of the heavenly beings as our own angel swayed to the music and floated across the room! 
     Besides the special music, different members had brought angel figurines 
from their own collections, so that we had a choir of angels represented in front of us at all times!  Just to take us over the top in atmosphere,Princess Sweet Melody had put together a music video that ran in the background between other presentations, giving us grand, breathtaking scenes of angels, clouds, mountains and oceans along with awe inspiring music ! 

                                Our hostess, Countess                                          Adairess presented a short seminar about angels and read some Bible scripture to help us remember the important role angels played in the Bible, and surrounding the birth of Jesus. By then we were immersed in and among our angels, and many of us were ready to share our personal angel experiences. I plan to share some of those with you in the next few days leading up to Christmas.   Lady Diamond shared my story for me…found previously in this blog, entitled “The Day an Angel Saved my Daughter’s and My Life”. I couldn’t share it myself, because I still cry when I think of how afraid I was that day! As well, Lady Diamond is such an incredibly talented story teller, that she had every one of us perched on the edge of our seat in anticipation of what would happen!  She told one of her own amazing encounters also! Baroness BeautifulBreezy Beverly shared how angels had been a part of her life, all of her life, since she had fist seen and talked with them around age three! I am hoping she will share her own story here as a guest author, but if not she has said I may share it. You can well imagine that by this time, we were feeling very spiritual and serene.

      However, even Psalms 100 reminds us to “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…serve the Lord with gladness and come before his presence with singing. (King James Version) We were at our Red Hatters’ Christmas party after all! And we are probably more often known for being a bit naughty! Acting silly, remembering to play! So we reached inside, called out our baby angels, and revved it up!   Our videos followed suit as they magically changed to “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!”, “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer!”, and “Santa Baby” Our hostess had even penned three original Christmas Carols for our group alone! The twelve days of Christmas brought gifts like membership fees, boas, fascinators, blingy rings, and men under one of our Princesses’ beds! LOL  We were laughing so hard the whole room broke up!

      Our traditional gift exchange continued the glee as bottles of “Naughty and Nice” wine from Duplin wineries right here in North Carolina became a popular gift to steal!  (oh yes, each gift chosen, could be stolen up to three times!) A beautiful red velvet, lace shawl was stolen several times—and became a surprisingly sexy dancing aid by one of our 70 years young ladies!  

    We had to call a stop to our festivities only because the restaurant was closing, and some of our angels had to work the next day! But, we had the best of all worlds…good friends, good food, blessed by the angels, and joyful fun to take into our lives! That is what the Red Hat Society is truly all about, fun and fellowship, and I feel like one lucky woman to be part of it!