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The Royal Red Divas Celebrate Thanksgiving!

       What an incredible Thanksgiving Feast we had with our Royal Red Divas this past Monday night! Fantastic women, fantastic fun, fantastic food! 

     What a group we have! We met at our hostess Countess Caroline’s house, who fixed turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and an incredible southern dish with collards, blackeyed peas, and onions! The rest of us brought wine, soft drinks, side dishes and salads and desserts! Can you imagine! We could have fed a small country on what we fifteen ladies had to enjoy!  My own daughter, pink hatter Annie, Princess Sweet Melody, made a gorgeous red velvet cake shaped like a pumpkin! There were pineapple salads, blueberry congealed salads, sweet potato casseroles, green bean casseroles, trifles, scrumptious rolls, I couldn’t name all the yummy stuff if I tried! We all agreed we probably gained 10 lbs in that one meal! 

   We celebrated one of our former pink hatters as she came into the prime of her life turning 50 this month!  Her Royal Majesty Magnetic Monica is now officially a red hatter and will no longer wear the pale colors of pink and lavender, but the bold colors of red and purple to proclaim the joy and verve of playing with the big girls! We will “reduate” her in January as we want her to have her own special ceremony and not compete with the holidays! Since it was Thanksgiving for us, we toasted her with wild turkey as such:  ” A toast to Monica in the name of three special American birds:  May you always have an eagle in your pocket, a chicken on your table, and Wild Turkey in your glass!” LOL  We also let her know how much we love her with another toast,  
“Here is a toast to 50 beautiful years of your life in which you have spread so many good things, so much happiness and joy to others. May you live to be a hundred! Happy 50th birthday! “

       Our Queen of Vice, Sharon, reviewed the excitement of the recent regional gathering some of us attended and how one of our members won not only a cake decorated like a pink and lavender hat, but she won $150.00 in the 50/50 drawing! Angie was one lucky Princess Pinkalova GaGa! LOL  Others of us who went showed off the shopping we’d done there with new hats, pocketbooks, and bling to blind the eyes! LOL  

        Its almost Christmas parade time also! We’ll be marching and riding in the Youngsville Christmas parade on Dec. 1st, and we can hardly wait! We’ll get together Nov. 30th to decorate our convertibles, and are roaring to go! 

    We welcomed a visitor who may or may not join us. I always wonder if we scare people off with our silliness, or welcome them to come out and play! This young woman is working on her PhD in theology…will she see us as a blessing or sinners? Actually, i guess we are all both! Love it! She was wonderful and we hope she joins us! 

     I love our Red Hatters, they add so much joy to my life and I hope to the lives of every single person there! Below is the poem about turning 50, written by Gail Price of the Sugar and Spicey Ladies of Woodstock, Georgia. Tonight we dedicated this poem to Monica: 

“Isn’t it lovely and simply divine, to finally be fifty, and not forty-nine?

Fifty has substance, fifty has style, now you can do things, that make folks smile.

None of this nonsense talk of “over the hill”, Relax and have fun, Just do what you will!

You can wear purple outfits, and a silly red chapeau, trimmed in feathers and flowers , be always on the go…

None of the “old talk” for this active bunch! It’s off to bunco, or a tea shop for lunch. 

We may have some aches, wrinkles may crease the skin, but we’re in glorious shape, for the shape that we’re in! 

We giggle and simper, gossip and tease, say what we feel, it’s us that we please! 

You may find us silly, you may roll your eyes. You may think purple, a strange disguise…

But purple is royal, It makes a grand show! We have a Queen Mother, she is wise, we all know! 

So dust off the cobwebs, and let’s have some fun. Join the Red Hatters, where new life has begun. 

You can be an old fogey and sit on the side, or join all of us, wear out colors with pride! 

That is our story, we hope you’ll agree, Belonging to the Red hats is the BEST PLACE to be! “



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Calling all bakers, cake decorators, and pastry chefs–come see the 2012 NC State Fair Cake Decorating entries!

     Yesterday at the Fair could not have been better, unless you, my family and friends, could all have been there with me!   A family reunion at the Fair! Now that would be cool!   Today is going to be another brilliantly sunshiny day, high of 74 degrees, and boundless blue skies! It promises to be the kind of day that screams “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina, in the morning!”
      Just in case you aren’t on facebook, I thought I’d show you the caricature we had done at the Fair yesterday! What do you think?!

The artist is one Nick Tabron, a talented, and kind hearted man! He is a native North Carolinian and actually lives near us in Southern Franklin County! We met his wife Rhonda also who was there lending a helping hand to the artist! I want to get a caricature done of my grandchildren, Nick is located outside Dorton Arena, north entrance.

      Annie, who is the baker of our little group, had to see the decorated cakes immediately!  I thought you might enjoy seeing them also.  When you are at the Fair, they are displayed in the education building, along with the quilts, and handmade dresses that are only awesome!



    The cakes are truly amazing! I cannot imagine being able to make these things…out of cake! Good Gracious! Talented people, our neighbors!  

    This is not a cake, in case you wondered! This dress, with layers and layers of ruffles, is reminisient of Gone With The Wind days! The picture does not do it justice, you have to go see it for yourself, in the education building!

     I’m on my way to the Fair right now, Friday morning, October 12, 2012.  I’d love to see you there as well, if you get there tweet us  @mamakat07 and let us know where we can find you!  Have a great day!