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A is for Ali and Annie, My Daughters


A to Z Blog Challenge

-from 10 Minute Novelists, Katherine Grubb

Last year I joined the 52 Ancestor Blog Posts in 52 Weeks genealogical blogging challenge and enjoyed it tremendously. Today I received a challenge to join a month-long blogging challenge to write and publish everyday! Besides that, we have to follow the alphabet! I have hemmed and hawed all day, so why at 11:15pm my time, have I decided to join the challenge and therefore am sprinting to write my first post for this group!  Oh my gracious, we shall see what we shall see! 

Ali and Annie at Josh Grobin concert, August, 204

A is for Ali and Annie, my two adult daughters whom I love with all my heart and soul.  Ali is married with three young children, my adorable grandchildren, and Annie is single and a talented retail manager, who is looking to change paths. Both of my daughters were gifted students, are gifted adults, which brings its own challenges. They both are especially talented musicians as well, both play instruments (saxophone, violin, piano, drums, belles, xylophone, marimba)  and sing beautifully, if I do say so myself. Most importantly perhaps, they are both good people, kind and caring–they make my heart sing.
I did not set out to name both daughters an “A” name, like so many parents choose to do. My husband’s name is Max Alexander Holshouser, and when I was pregnant, way before parents discovered the sex of their child before birth, we decided to name our first child Alexandra if a girl, or Alexander if a boy, and so we did.  Alexandra Kathryn, Ali became her nickname.  She was named for her Dad, a grandmother, and cousin!
Annie on the other hand, is named, Margaret Anne–Margaret for my  mother, and Anne for my sister. For two years we called her Margaret Anne. Then we realized she’d never be able to learn to write it by age 5!  So we called her Maggie. Maggie she stayed until age 14. At her age 14 we moved to a different town for my job. She was entering high school, and decided she wanted to be called Annie! I was very surprised, but she was serious! She was insistent that we remember!  I remember introducing her to our new minister, saying  Rev. __, this is my daughter Annie (very carefully), then turning to her and saying, “Maggie, this is Rev. ___.”  He looked at me like….what…is she Maggie or Annie, what’s going on here? LOL It took me about 2 years to learn to call her Annie, to think of her as Annie. Now we have moved back to our original town where she was born. We can tell our old friends from our new, by the way they address her. Our friends from long ago call her Maggie, and our friends from her high school years on, call her Annie–its kind of fun!
I feel so very blessed by these daughters in my life, so loving, so thoughtful. There is so much more I could tell, but this day will be over in 10 minutes, and I must post this. Feel free to fill me in on important “A” facts in your life! I’d love to hear, Helen

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