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James Steptoe Langhorne- Born into Wealth and Privilege, moved into a Life of Trial and Tragedy—52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge, #3

James Steptoe Langhorne– 11 September,1822– 4 December, 1905 –was my maternal 2nd Great Grandfather.  The Langhornes were our “claim to fame” as far as our family relations! At least that is what we were raised to believe! My mother was … Continue reading


The Spangler Reunion, part 2, Charles Langhorne, “Tump” Spangler

     The Spangler Reunion as you may remember was held at the homestead formerly owned by Charles Langhorne Spangler and his wife Kittie Cockram Spangler. You could feel their very presence at the family gathering even though both are … Continue reading


Genealogical Find of the Day–William Langhorne and Marquis de Lafayette

~~~Family Connection to Marquis de Lafayette ~~~ “On this day in 1825 French military leader Marquis de Lafayette is honored in Murfreesboro, NC for helping the Patriot cause in the American Revolution.”  Bill Leslie from WRAL TV News in Raleigh, North … Continue reading


The James River of Virginia, Flows Through My Family’s Life–from Jamestown to Present Day

In the last few days, I had the joy of visiting my home town of Richmond, Virginia.  A couple of friends from my youth, Betty S. Conner and Karen Bonner Allen, took me on a tour of our old neighborhoods … Continue reading


Honoring the Teachers in Our Family

  School is starting again this week for millions of children around the USA and the world. What a perfect time for me to tell you about some of the teachers in our family tree. I can count almost forty … Continue reading

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Remembering American Slaves by Name, Part II

The Slave Name Roll Project, started by Schalene Jennings Dagutis, strives to create a searchable resource for genealogical research of ancestors who were slaves in the United States. By asking descendants of slaves and slave-owners,  to collect and submit  names … Continue reading


Jamestowne Colony Ancestors–20 Grandparents ! — 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, #52

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, we lived only a couple of hours from Jamestown! We went there often in my childhood, to Yorktown and Williamsburg as well. My mother was very interested in history, and wanted to be sure … Continue reading


Henry Cary, 1650-1720, Builder of the Colonial Capitol Building in Williamsburg–52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #18

  Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, my family traveled to Colonial Williamsburg many times. However, not having done any genealogy at the time, none of us knew that we had grandparents important to the history of the region. My mother … Continue reading


Popular Books and my Royal Ancestors–Elizabeth Woodville,Queen of England, Jacquetta de Luxembourg, and Margaret Beaufort– 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks–16

I remember when I first found “the Royals” in my family tree–in my direct line!  I was so excited! I knew my daughters and sister would be happy about it–after all, they grew up on Disney Princesses and now they … Continue reading