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Childhood Recollections of Our Goat Billy– as told to this author by her Cousin Ron Hogue on his 80th Birthday!



2019-11-04 (17)

Ron Hogue

Ron and I met on Ancestry–we have never met in person!  We are fourth cousins through my father’s mother’s line!  (Let me hear you say that five times!) Our mutual interest in genealogy and family history, plus our DNA match sealed the deal, leading to our great friendship! Yesterday, Ron turned 80 years old–or maybe that was 8, a mere child, according to him!  LOL  

We talked via video chatting on Facebook, we are so tech savvy!  LOL  After the “congratulations”, we talked about his sadness over the loss just a few months ago of his beloved wife  Dorie Hogue. Turning eighty didn’t feel as great without his best friend of 62 years!

However, as we talked, Ron shared a phone conversation he’d had earlier in the day with his sister Sue. Ron lives in Wisconsin, Sue is  in Minnesota, and I am in North Carolina!  They had reminisced about their childhood, in a rural area just outside of Park Falls, Wisconsin.  Many of the stories brought our laughter bubbling up from the depths of our souls!

Image result for cartoon images of boy trying to pull a stubborn goat


We were talking about pets, as he just got a new kitty for his birthday. He recalled that when he was a boy, his family had chickens, dogs, cats, and his especially beloved Billy Goat!  He recalled  tussles with the rooster pecking at him and other family members.  He could clearly describe the fascinating hens  with their red feathers and green feather topknots! But Billy—was his love, and his nemesis!  LOL


goat stubborn

Stubborn Goat

Ron recalled that it was his job to put the free-ranging goat back into his cage every night!  Of course, the goat wanted no part of leaving his beloved freedom, so he turned into a stubborn Donkey!  Twelve year-old Ron could be seen wrestling with the goat–determined to “be the boss”, LOL–as he tugged the goat while the goat just dug his front legs in deeper and lowered his head, but never charged our Ron!  LOL

The story I loved however, was when Ron told me that he remembered his grandmother spoiling Billy the Goat as if he were her baby.  Billy would come to a back hall door of the farm house in which they lived.  He’d bleat until Grandma would come to the door to say  “Good Mornin’ Billy!”  Then she would step back, swing the door wide, and Billy would trot right into the house–head held high and a big smile on his face–trotting right through other rooms until he reached the kitchen!  There he stood right in front of the cabinet holding the bread box, and began to bleat loudly again!  Grandma would say “Okay, okay, its coming Billy, be patient!”  LOL  Then she would open the bread box and take out one slice of bread–giving it to the hungry, expectant goat!  Nodding his head in thanks, Billy clamped the bread tight in his mouth, turned, and trotted right back out the back door!  Once outside, he gobbled his tasty morsel and bleated his thanks again as he ran off to play with the other animals!


2019-11-04 (8)



Wow!  Can’t you see it, can’t you feel the charm, the love, the sense of family and community! What a story! Thanks so much for sharing it with me cousin Ron Hogue!  What a treasure–both you and the story! So glad we both love family and genealogy! 





Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

7 thoughts on “Childhood Recollections of Our Goat Billy– as told to this author by her Cousin Ron Hogue on his 80th Birthday!

  1. What charming stories from someone who seems a charming man. It reminded me so much of my dad and his Bassett hound. He took him for a walk every day, or rather the dog took my dad for a walk, and he would bring him through the house when they arrived back so mother could give Ferguson a slice of bread. Those were the only times he was allowed in the house. Oh, if only today’s children could have tales like that to tell someday! Thanks for a late-night smile!

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  2. Oh Vivian– thanks so much for reading and commenting! You surely know those wonderful Hogue men since you are married to one of them! As an author yourelf, you honor me by reading! Thanks darling–also my cherished cousin! HElen


  3. It is the simple stories like these that tell us so much about family and people. Yet how many times have you and me heard “no one would be interested in my story.” Keep finding and telling these great stories Helen.

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  4. Dear Charles, I thought very similar thoughts! I was even thinking of your and your idea to think of certain years. My cousin was focused on his 12 year old self, and his beloved goat “Billy”. I hope his many great-grandchildren will see this one day and know him even better!
    I can’t tell you Charles how much your support means to me! Thanks so much1


  5. Hello, I was browsing google and came across your blog. I noticed we have a lot of similar names in our family although some slightly different stories. It was enough to catch my attention. Maybe sometime we can review info on family together. My name is Katherine Youngblood. I can be contacted through facebook or on my ancestory page but I’m not sure the link or how to send my tree.


  6. I have a similar tree with a bunch of names I see on yours. Maybe we can compare sometime bc I’ve been searching for my family. My dad died recently and people have been hinting at my ancestory. I’ve looked into as much as I can but there is lots of gaps in my tree. Plus there is name changes creating barriers in my search. If you can contact me that would be great! My name is Katherine Youngblood.

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  7. Hi Katt, I’d love to compare notes. I looked for you on Facebook, but there is more than one Katt Yougblood. You could friend me at Helen Youngblood Holshouser. I would love it and love to compare notes! Hope to talk soon1 HElen


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