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Family Pictures Found–Unidentified!


Youngblood sibs in snow, Gwendolyn, Cecil, Helen, unknown and Fulton

A recently discovered family picture with  no one identified. We are working to identify  these people!

Family pictures and portraits–don’t you love them!?  A couple weeks ago, my sister found a small album, about 3″ x 5″, full of old family pictures! The picture above is one of those pictures!  I love that picture, but who are those folks?!    What a treasure!  There were maybe 50 pictures–but only two were actually labeled as to who was in the picture!  Now my sister and I are in our 70’s—born in the 1940’s, as was my older brother.  Our younger brother was not born until 1955.  These pictures look like they were mostly taken in the early 1920’s!  Some people looked familiar, but we are just guessing! A treasure and a puzzle!

Our Mom died in 1980, Dad in 1988.  After Dad died we cleared out the house that had been ours for 60 years, and sold it. Items were divided among several family members, including pictures.  We thought we had accounted for them all.  My sister found this little album of pictures in a box of papers, that we may never have gone through except in a cursory manner. We were shocked!  It may have even been my grandmother’s, my paternal grandmother lived with us until she died when I was about 15, in 1964. Her name was Helen Blanche Hogue, and she had married my paternal grandfather, Edwin Spear Youngblood–I was lucky enough to inherit portraits of both of them, my namesakes. Looking through the pictures, my brother Cecil thought he recognized several, and with the two labeled, we realized they were probably all  either Hogue or Youngblood family members. All I had to do was look at who was living in the 1920’s–ha!–and maybe find the matches!


The two pictures that were labeled on the back, are shown below.  The first is my Great Grandfather Robert Fulton Hogue, with his son, Robert Fulton Hogue Jr. b. 1921–called “Bobby”–that is what it says on the back of the picture;   (and yes, he was 70 years old when he fathered Bobby)  Since the child in the  picture was born in 1921, we figure it must be about 1922 when that picture was taken–his father died in 1924.

Robert Fulton Hogue, 1850-1924 with son Robert Fulton Hogue, Jr, called Bobby, 1921-child of third wife, Maude Hooten

Robert Fulton Hogue, 1850-1924, ahown age 71 with 2 year-old son Bobby Jr.


Below is the other picture that was labeled.  It says this picture is of my father’s sister, Helen Marie Youngblood, 1907-1978,  who married first  Edward Riddick Webb, and second George Combs. She is pictured below with her horse.  Robert Fulton Hogue is her maternal grandfather. It looks like this picture could have been taken also in 1922, like the other, as she would be 15, about  how she looks.

Helen Marie Youngblood


Here are some of the others, and I do not yet know who they are! They are not in any particular order! I am working on it!


20190921_180147 (1)






 Here are eleven unidentified pictures of family members!  Now what should we do? And there are many more!  Really great pictures!  I think I will lay them all out here this time, in hopes that someone  might just see them and identify them!  In the next couple of posts, I will begin to work on them myself and see if  you agree! Come back, I need your help! I have also found a photo-comparison site that you  and I might find useful!










In the next post I’ll share some ways that we have begun to identify some of these folks.  If anyone reading this blog thinks they can identify any of these people, please let me know! Helen









Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

9 thoughts on “Family Pictures Found–Unidentified!

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  2. What a treasure and a shame all at the same time. One thing you may try is to see who has these family lines in trees on ancestry.com. If they answer your message (a long shot at times) you may get some help. Same could be said perhaps on Family search. I also have pictures that I have no idea who they are and most likely never will. A lesson for all of us to label our pictures.


  3. Reblogged this on Moore Genealogy and commented:
    A lesson for all of us regarding labeling our pictures. Perhaps some of you may be able to help Helen come up with ways to identify these people.

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  4. I thought others should see this so I reblogged.


  5. Dear Charles, Thank you so very much for your suggestions and for your reblogging! I thought about making a link to your former blog about finding pictures. It is not the very same, but very similar! and YES! a strong, recurring lesson for us all! I’ll never be able to thank you for all of your support chmjr2 .


  6. I wish you abundant genealogy luck in identifying these photo’s. They are truly wonderful. I love the one of the wedding couple standing in the wagon and the one you liked the best at the top, the 5 in the snow 🙂 I agree with Charles to see if you can locate anyone researching your family names and go from there. Sharon


  7. Thank you so much Sharon! I appreciate greatly your reading and commenting. I love the wedding couple also, but don’t think I can see the faces enough to compare! I am going to try to enlarge it and see what I can do! love you dearly, Helen


  8. What treasures! Can you scan the photos into a computer program that does facial recognition, and see whether some of the people repeat? Not that you could come up with names that way, but possibly see them age over time. Thank you for sharing. – Fawn


  9. Hi momfawn, thanks so much for reading and responding! Can you give me a link to or a name of a website or program , not TOO expensive, that does facial recognition. This is about the closest I have been able to find to use. I’d appreciate it! Helen


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