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We traveled to the skies of Virginia this past week!


    We went to the sky this past week! Well, it felt like it, but in reality, we were in the mountains of Virginia, in the beautiful Meadows of Dan! The Meadows of Dan is a small town just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, in southwest Virginia, but as a region it is much bigger. I have a lot to tell about this trip and the incredible people we met, but I want to show you a few pictures of the area first.

Meadows of Dan, Lover's Leap 2

     This is lover’s leap. The legend says that a young white man fell in love with an Indian maid, but they were given so much grief about their relationship, shunned and shamed, that they supposedly held hands and leapt to their deaths to be together in eternity! How sad! How poignant! How romantic, and what a sad commentary on our society now and then! Looking at this view you are standing on the JEB Stuart Highway in Patrick County, Va. , in the Meadows of Dan, but this valley that you are seeing is an  area of Patrick County called Woolwine, at least this is what one of my cousins told me!

       This area of the Blue Ridge Mountains is known for its beautiful stone churches. We went to visit one of them, and gracious, look at this beauty!

Slate Mountain Presbyterian Church in MOD, VA

This is Slate Presbyterian Church. I can just imagine that you would feel closer to God worshiping in this church on top of the mountain!

      Just a bit down the mountain from this church, was the lovely and gracious Woodberry Inn where we stayed. The owners of the Woodberry were so very friendly to us, helpful in every possible way! We felt like we were among friends with them and with their restaurant owner. Good friends, good food, great hospitality!   

Woodberry Inn, Meadows of Dan, Virginia






   Everywhere we went, we saw beautiful views and met friendly people! We were very happy to be there, where our ancestors had lived for over 100 years, and where we still have many cousins!  

Greenberry House, Meadows of Dan

Greenberry House above, where owner Leslie Shelor spins her own yarn was a wonderful place to visit! You can find her on facebook! She sells yarn, collectibles, books, and other things.

Below is a picture of the first shop where we stopped, on our way up the mountain, just a half mile past Lover’s Leap! Joyce and Ronnie Green are the friendliest proprietors, and take good care of their handicapped customers, important to me with my wheelchair.

Poor Farmer's Farm Store in Vesta, Virginia, just down the mountain from Meadows of Dan

       One morning we had brunch at Jane’s Country Café in Meadows of Dan. That was a blessing to us! Besides good food, and great service, we felt like we made new friends who gave us directions and information about the area. Besides that, they were able and willing to cater what we needed for the family reunion we were planning to attend. They fixed up a big bowl of banana pudding and another of baked apples for us to take with us, The food got rave reviews at the reunion also! 

Jane's Country Cafe in Meadows of DanJane's Country Cafe, red building

      We also wanted to spend time in the nearby town of Stuart, because again, we’d had ancestors live there, and because we wanted to do some research at the Historical and Genealogical Museum and at the Patrick County Courthouse. We found helpful people everywhere we went, at the courthouse and the museum where the records are well organized and easily accessible. Driving through downtown Stuart you see how close the mountains are! Only 20 minutes up the mountain to the Meadows of Dan and the Blue Ridge Parkway!         Stuart, Va. downtown and view of mountains

Stuart Virginia, historical marker

      Below is the stately Patrick County Courthouse where we went seeking records of long ago relatives.

Patrick County Courthouse

Patrick County Courthouse with JEB Stuart memorialMemorial to JEB Stuart at Courthouse in Stuart, Virginia

The building pictured below houses the Patrick County Historical Museum, the Genealogical Museum, and the Public Library. The Historical Museum is full of incredible exhibits, if you have never been there, it is worth the trip! One of their many volunteers, Mr. David Sheley, wrote a column in the local newspaper, The Enterprise, about my search for genealogical records, and that connected me with many cousins I didn’t even know I had, bringing outstanding joy and friendship to my life. From working on the family tree, to traveling and meeting your kinfolks, can life get any better than this?! 

Historical and Genealogical Museum and Public Library in Stuart, Va,

Next Post: the reunion, the nicest people and the prettiest Southern homestead you could ever want to see!




Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

9 thoughts on “We traveled to the skies of Virginia this past week!

  1. You certainly had an eventful visit! I’m glad you met so many of our wonderful people in Meadows of Dan!


  2. I am honored to have you read my blog post Leslie! You have written so many great, detailed histories of Meadows of Dan ! Thanks so much. I can hardly wait to bring some of my fiber arts friends to MOD to see your shop and maybe you at work! Helen


  3. The pictures are great, makes me want to visit the area. Wish I had ancestors there.


  4. Thanks , it really is nice. I had been in the area once as a very young child of 8 or so, I am in my sixties now, so it was all new to me! Please come again.


  5. I love this article you wrote. I feel so blessed and honored to be one of the many places you stopped and enjoyed in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. I look forward to meeting you the next time you stop by our country store. Blessings to you!


  6. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment Joyce! I love your storeand all the beautiful flowers especially! I really appreciate your and your husband’s support of handicapped people by building a ramp! I am looking forward to meeting you also!


  7. I love up there as only I can as my son lives there, Oh how beautiful especially when it snows. Haveyou been to maybres Mill? Gosh the food is out of this world and the park by it is so serene. so relaxing. I would love to move there but health is kinda in the way right now, also have you been to the chateau Morressiet winery? beautiful there as well, love it all, so glad you had a good time. Lena Arrington


  8. Thanks for the comment Lena. It is beautiful up there for sure! I can hardly wait to go back! We had breakfast at Mabry’s Mill one morning and it was great! We shopped in their giftstore for gifts for our grandchildren, and you are so right about the serenity! I’m going to write about Mabry’s Mill soon. We did not get to go to the Morressiet winery, but I’d like to when we go back! They make some wine called “Cupcake” wine! My adult daughter loves to bake cupcakes, so I thought I’d get some for her!


  9. Yes I do love it to so much. so much to see so much to enj9y as I am a plain ole country girl from Virginia and love it. you know the ole saying,” you can take the girl to the city but you cannot take the countty out of the girl ” and its so true, I would never like the hussle and bussel of the city. love my country living. Lena


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