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Learning to talk with my angels!


      Learning to Talk with Angels 
   About 1997 I had a good friend at work named Kate, who shared that she believed she could talk to the angels! Since she was a well educated, professional woman, a psychotherapist like myself, I was somewhat surprised that she  shared this (we have to work hard not to look crazy!) However, her father had just died, and I suspected that was part of the grief she was experiencing. Obviously, even though I believed in angels, I had never thought about “talking” with them, but the idea intrigued me for sure!

    To help me understand, my friend Kate gave me a copy of the book   Angelspeake: How to Talk With Your Angels by Barbara Mark and Trudy Griswald.  This book is written by sisters who live in California and Connecticut when they both began to have experiences of talking with angels! As I read the book, I realized I “felt” like it was true—I moved from very skeptical to embracing the idea! In fact, I began to try to communicate with the angels myself. I was pretty sure I’d had a few angel experiences, but again, I was skeptical, and had kept them to myself. Now, with Kate’s encouragement, I began to pray, write, and meditate on the angels. Very quickly I experienced a sense of “knowing” .  I did not hear angel voices, but if I asked, I often,not always, had a clear picture or sense that I was being told something by an outside force…it was a knowing. I had heard of this psychic skill called claircognizance. It seemed that this was what I was experiencing, from everything I read…and was a bit unsettling. As the years progressed however, I felt more and more comfortable with the feeling, and more confident about it. However, I don’t practice regularly, sometimes months or even years will pass when I don’t try to nurture my skills of talking with the angels. Then when I try, I don’t always feel I am successful. Everything I read says we should be able to talk to our angels very simply—that we just talk! So, I began to ask my angels questions, and amazingly, I often get answers—not always! I must not be a very good listener!

    One thing I love to do is ask the angels for the names of my and my friends and family’s guardian angels. I have read that they do and do not have names. But, I thought I would ask…and lo and behold…sometimes I get answers! Repeatedly , over the years, I’ve been told my guardian angel is Michael. It’s always been Michael! I expected a female angel, I don’t know why, I just did. There is an archangel named Michael, but I don’t think this is him, more a front line angel, a special guardian angel! Perhaps the idea of an archangel being my guardian angel is just too intimidating! I certainly wouldn’t feel worth that honor, and it would discombobulate me terribly! 

    When I ask for the names of other people’s guardian angels, sometimes an answer comes to me immediately, and sometimes it doesn’t come at all!  But I will tell you, some that I have felt I have been told are my               

husband’s guardian angels, that they are named Raphael and Jacob. Research says

most of us have two 

guardian angels.

 For my daughter Annie, her guardian angels are Morgan and Stephen! My other daughter Ali has a guardian angel named Molly and her son, my grandson,  Liam has a protector named Gilliam. I have not yet discerned, although I have asked, the name of the guardian angels of my granddaughter Katy, my son-in-law Greg, or my grandson Cris. Why I wonder, why can’t I get the name of some of the angels I ask for while most come so easily? I wish I knew!

    One time, I was riding in the car with my close friend Dee, who was also a strong believer in communicating with your angels. I told her I thought I’d been given a name for her guardian angel, but I wasn’t sure. While I was trying to realize what it was…I kept having thoughts of my best friend Carol intruding!  I found myself talking about Carol to my other friend…”Carol” this, “Carol” that, “Carol…Carol…Carol!”  Dong! Suddenly it hit me in the face! CAROL! THAT WAS HER ANGEL’S NAME!  The minute I said it, the minute I thought it…I KNEW it was true!  Besides the claircognizance, I got chills all over, which I often do! Don’t ask me how I KNEW I was right, that this was a communication from beyond, I just knew.  I also immediately had a feeling or a thought that the angel said “like a Christmas Carol”.  Just recently, several years after this incident with my friend Dee, my long time friend Carol and I were talking on the phone, talking about family history and genealogy and family names. Out of the blue it seemed, she said her mother had loved Christmas so much and loved to sing, that she had named her only daughter, my friend Carol, after a Christmas Carol! I was so surprised, and immediately the memories of that summer day in the car with my friend Dee came flooding over me…of the realization that her guardian angel’s name was Carol, after a Christmas Carol!  Wow-spooky-but more so, loving!

      By the way, several years ago, I had learned by asking, that my friend Carol’s guardian angel was named Olivia! I didn’t know any Olivias at that time…but a year later an Olivia moved in across the street from me! She has since moved away, but it felt more than a coincidence at the time!

      Just a couple days ago, my friend Adair was visiting. She and my daughter Annie and I were talking and preparing for a program we were presenting about angels. I offered to see if I could sense the name of her guardian angel, and she was very happy about it…even said she’d wanted to ask, but hadn’t. So we bowed as if in prayer, although I was just trying to get still, center myself, and be quiet and receptive. I think prayer is reserved for God/Jesus, we can just talk to our angels. The second I asked for the name of Adair’s guardian angel, the sound “Wyom…or wynom”…came to me!

I just couldn’t figure it out…which wasn’t the first time, and I asked the angel “tell me again please…is it Wyoming?” (which felt good to Adair…but the answer was “no”! Did you say “Wynona?”, I asked. “Nooooooo, that’s not right either” I sensed.  Hmm…”Wyoma?” Is that what I’m hearing?” “Yes!” I immediately KNEW that was it! Although I knew, I was a bit hesitant to say so that firmly! I hate looking “crazy”! LOL  I finally told Adair that I was sure it was Wyoma. We looked it up online, since none of us have ever heard of that name, and discovered a wonderful woman named Wyoma, who is internationally known for her “spirit dancing” and African Healing dances! Wow! Adair told us that she had always identified with African dancing and music for some reason…wow, had her angels loved that music also, and influenced her all her life?  Its very interesting!

    It’s always so amazing to have this experience, my rational mind always has a little trouble believing in the claircognizance I am apparently experiencing! But it seems undeniable.

   I am going to do some meditating now, and ask again for the names of Katy and Greg’s guardian angels…hopefully they will come to me.  If so , I will let you know!

     I would love to figure out the names of the guardian angels of all of my family, friends, and Red Hat Divas, but I don’t want this to seem like a parlor trick. Even though it should be easy to talk to your angels, and you just say what you want to say, ask what you want to know, it still seems so unbelievable to me– then I feel guilty being so skeptical! Oh my, uncertainty is hard! But Faith is uncertain, there is no “proof”, and I am a strong believer, along with many other Christians, so, I will continue to communicate with my angels.
     I did ask for a definitive sign one time…a sign that my angels were there, that indeed they were hearing me and I them, and I want to tell you all about it in another post!
   Thanks for listening, and please, I’d love to hear your angel stories as well!  If you want to write something more than in the space of a comment, let me know in a comment, and I will email you to get your story to share! Thanks, this is so much fun! Have a blessed day, and talk to your angels! 

Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

6 thoughts on “Learning to talk with my angels!

  1. This is very interesting Momma Helen! I personally have been thinking alot about Angels and Spirits in the past months since my mom passed in June. I often feel they are speaking to me thru the use of numbers in sequence- like on clocks etc… Ex. 1:11 or 11:11 etc I see these numbers popping up often and have been told it's an Angels sign of being near.I miss my mom very much and need to believe somehow she is reaching out to speak and communicate to me that she is still near.Thanks for your neat blog.


  2. Hi Lo, thanks for reading and talking with me! You are probably right about the angels trying to talk with you. In her book, Healing With the Angels, Doreen Virtue, PhD, talks about number sequences and how they are ways the angels communicate with us. According to her, the sequence of ones is the angels telling you to "monitor your thoughts carefully, because they are manifesting into form in record speed."This is a sign that there is a "gate of opportunity opening up." "The 111 is like the bright light of a flashbulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts). Virtue, p.160 I have always been told to be careful not to concentrate on lack, but on abundance for this very reason…our thoughts manifest! Perhaps they are trying to tell you to think positive thoughts about your Mom and how you might connect with her someday, who knows, only you and them. Thank you, I think when my Mom died, and when I got sick, were two times when my spirituality took great leaps of exploration. Thanks again Lo, love ya, Helen


  3. My friend, Judy Parsons, had a near-death experience involving angels. Her website bio is at http://www.theclearandsimpleway.com/bio.htmShe tells more of her story in her book, which I can loan you if I can find it.


  4. Thank you Tom! I'm so glad to hear from you, and so appreciative of the info! I will check out her website! My next post will be about a life and death experience as well! I've been wanting to publish it for real for ages. I've been missing talking to you, you'll have to catch me up! Love you, Helen


  5. Helen, Dearest Friend, Olivia and I lovingly thank you. Carol PS Did you catch the name of my other angel?


  6. Thank you for supporting my blog! I haven't really tried, but I will. I've been rereasing Angelspeake myself,and trying to communicate better! As soon as I know, you'll know! However, you know,you can ask your angels yourself! All you have to do is be still and quiet, then ask your angels to tell you theri names, especially your guardian angels. Then ask again if need be, ask them to speak louder, clearer, whatever you need. Then, don't doubt what you "hear", what thoughts come into your mind that you know were not really yours. You can do it, we all can! Love you so much! Helen


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