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The Deep Fried GRITS get their media badges!


l to r, Helen, Annie, and Ali, the 2012 Street Team for the NC State Fair

     Yesterday my daughters and I , the Deep Fried Grits, Girls Raised In The South,  attended the media luncheon of the NC State Fair, and were given our “media” badges!  Yea, we’re media! The 2012 N.C. State Fair Street Team! That means we can go behind the scenes to interview people and just have a great time sharing with you how much we love the fair! Just in case you haven’t already, check out our community page on facebook at  facebook.com/DeepFriedGrits.  Also, follow Ali on Twitter @mamakat07, and go see Annie at Palsie’s Gourmet Popcorn in Wakefield Commons Shopping Center, Raleigh, NC , unless she’s at the Fair!
     Facebook is where we are posting our contests and all! We already gave one free admission away, and have some ride tickets to give, a really cool NC State pocket calendar for 2013, and more, just having fun together–go check it out!
    At the luncheon, we got to meet many media
people of course!  We met Scott Mason from WRAL TV who said he just might interview us at the fair for a story! Wouldn’t that be an adventure!  Some of the folks at WRAL seem like family to us as we’ve been watching them for the 32 years we’ve lived in Raleigh. We’ve met Bill Leslie up at Grandfather Mountain for the Highland Games, and Greg Fishel, and Elizabeth Gardner…they’ll all be at the Fair sometime and we hope to say hello!  We also got to meet Bill Jordan, radio personality from WRAL-FM MIX 101.5 who stopped by to say hello to us and wish us well! We love “Bill and Lynda in the Morning” and were so happy to get to talk with Bill! Hope we’ll see them again at the Fair!
        All the TV stations were there and busy interviewing, and we did get to speak to LaToya Hughes from News 14 Carolina. She was so friendly and interesting!  Hopefully we’ll get to see some more of her and their reporters at the Fair!
       We met folks from the Food Bank of North Carolina as well like Jen Newmeyer and Jennifer Caslin who were there being friendly, and reminding us all of the great needs filled by the Food Bank. As you know, the N.C. State Fair supports the Food Bank of North Carolina, especially on Thursday, the 18th when admission is free for  people donating 4 cans of canned food from Food Lion!
 Steve Troxler, Commissioner of the Dept. of Agriculture which sponsors the Fair, has issued a challenge:  If North Carolinians coming to the Fair on the 18th this year, donate 300,000 pounds of canned goods (247,569 lbs is the record to break!), Commissioner Troxler promises to donate $5,000 to the Food Bank!  
We can do that! We are North Carolina, the most loving people on Earth! We live under a Carolina Blue sky, and we have NC State red running through our bodies and souls, we’re Duke Blue true, we have Wake Forest golden hearts, and we know how to have fun and paint the town or Fair purple like East Carolina!

      Oh, you’re going to die of envy, yesterday we got to taste some of the Deep Fried treats that will be available at the Fair!  We had deep fried cupcakes and deep fried cinnamon rolls with bacon ! OMG, they were delicious! I tried to only take a bite, and shared them with my daughters, but they were so good, it was hard to only take one! LOL   You’re going to love these treats, and the Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies! Doesn’t it make your mouth water! 
     One of the things I really loved and enjoyed yesterday, was the “one man band, Marc Dobson”! Talk about talented! He strolls around playing like 9 instruments! He sings everything, from rock to folk songs! He’ll be strolling the Fair everyday, so look for him, you’ll be glad you did! He’s a great performer! We have a contest regarding Marc, see our facebook page as referenced above.  Marc is also on facebook, just search Marc Dobson and you’ll find him!
     There’s so much more I’d like to tell you, and only two weeks of Fair! It will never be enough! So go to the NC State Fair website where you can get all the information, schedules, prices, parking info, bus info, exhibits, entertainment, and ride info! Gracious! I take my hat off to these amazing men and women who manage this Fair! Great Job you guys and thank you!   www.ncstatefair.org
     Also, continue to ride along with Ali, Annie, and me on  facebook.com/DeepFriedGrits, and with Ali on Twitter  @mamakat07, and of course here on my blog. Have a great day, and I’ll see you at the Fair! Helen


Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

4 thoughts on “The Deep Fried GRITS get their media badges!

  1. Wow Helen, Sounds and looks like fun. the best part is you get to do it with your daughters..you go girl!


  2. Thank you, and I agree! Doing it with my daughters is a treat I thought I'd never have! What a blessing! Love you,helen


  3. Helen, Deep Fried GRITS will keep things HOT at this year's NC State Fair! Hope we can connect next week. Visions of funnel cakes are dancin' in my head. Aloha, cew


  4. I can hardly wait to see you! Thanks for the feedback! Love you dearly! Helen


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