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Please, oh please, let us be your 2012, NC State Fair Street Team!

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In response to the contest/question “Do you Want to be part of the 2012 N.C. State Fair Street Team”?

This is what Ali, Annie and I replied:

Deep Fried GRITS!

(Girls Raised In The South)

The State Fair Street Team
for the 2012

North Carolina State Fair

Bumper Crop of Fun
Team members:
Mom: Helen H.
Daughters: Annie H. and Ali H.
Team name:

Deep Fried GRITS
(Girls Raised In The South)

Team Creed: Our family moved to Raleigh in 1980. Ali was six years old, and Annie was born here in 1982. Their father, my husband of 40 years, went to NC State University, as did Ali. I taught there as a visiting lecturer. Annie brought the mountains into our family by attending school at Appalachian State University. We have attended the fair every single year in those 32 years since we moved here. We have worked at the fair as volunteers, we have entertained guests, seen shows, ridden rides, petted animals, and eaten enough food to last until the next year! We love the NC State Fair because it showcases our state! But even more so, we see all of our communities there, our friends and family! We have cousins showing cows, ancestors in the Village of Yesteryear. coworkers and friends working in the gardens. We along with others of our friends, can be found working in the education building- in the peace booth, eating pickles, waiting in line for hush puppies, stocking up on Moravian cookies from Old Salem, and pouring over the cakes, crafts , and quilts! We have moved through the years riding rides, cheering the pig races, and oohing and aahing over the fireworks! From a young single woman, a mother with young children, to a mature woman and wheelchair user, with grown daughters and grandchildren, you’ll get different perspectives on the fair. Our circle of life keeps expanding…marked by a common love and joy of the October State Fair!

If our team were selected as your new State Fair Street Team, I cannot imagine our not covering pretty much everything! Ali is a mother of two young children, and as such she’ll be riding the kiddie rides, petting animals in the petting zoo, visiting the policemen and climbing aboard the ambulances and 18 wheelers! Of course they have to see the “most giant” pumpkin, and other amazing agricultural feats. They will be eating and drinking as well. We will be with them to watch the kids’ puppet shows, dog shows, whatever and all that is available! We’ll be wandering through the fun houses, and laughing and singing! Ali’s degree from NCSU is in communication. She has written and edited websites and newsletters for nonprofit agencies professionally. Ali is a forum moderator of a large and active online and in- person group called Triangle Mommies. Through them she can reach several thousand local mothers with information on what she thinks is fun for the family to do in the Triangle. Their forum would be full to running over with her colorful and enthusiastic recommendations. Ali is also a member of the national group The Mommies Network, and through their forum she can share things with mommies across the State and more. She is also active on facebook, pinterest, and You Tube and has recently started tweeting.

Annie likes the nightlife with her friends as a young single woman as well as traveling by day with her family. We’ve had tickets to see Scotty McCreery at the fair for about a year already I think. Annie manages Palsie’s Gourmet Popcorn Store in Wakefield Commons shopping center, and sees members of that community daily! Her father, my husband, teaches at the high school there. The families there love their popcorn: barbecue, dill pickle, and strawberry cheesecake!    Annie was born in Raleigh, grew up here, but moved with us to the coast of North Carolina where she attended high school. College took her to the mountains, giving her the broadest experience of living in all sections of our beautiful state. Her major at ASU was hospitality and tourism, and she knows the importance of both of those fields for our State Fair. She also posts daily on facebook and uses You Tube extensively.

Finally, I am Helen, mom, wheelchair user, and I will let you know about my experiences with accessibility. I’ve been at the Fair with my chair for the last 12 years now, so I can tell you it’s wonderfully accessible! Anytime I have had a problem with my wheelchair, like running out of power because I stayed all day and all night and rounded the grounds three or four times or more—there has always been someone special to rescue me. From renting me a chair from your entrance providers, to allowing me to plug up my chair while I enjoy a meal in a tent or on restaurant row, to even helping me tow the disabled chair to the exit where my husband was escorted by police to drive right up to get me! North Carolinians are wonderful, caring people, and it shows at the State Fair! I have a great deal of fun at the Fair every year. I may mostly watch the grandkids and kids ride the rides, but I enjoy collecting all the stickers my jacket can hold! I eat pickles, hushpuppies, ice cream, corn dogs, roasted corn on the cob, deep fried oreos and funnel cakes of course. You have to take candy apples home. And, you have to come multiple days, because you’d get sick if you ate all that on one day! I play games,  cheer on piggies,  attend great concerts, and watch fireworks. Of course I always get over to see my favorite weather man/woman and newscasters! They feel like part of our family also! I never miss seeing the crafts, and the gardens, and I spend my share of money everywhere! We have to have sweatshirts, hats, wigs (purple), and Spiderman balloons! We take many, many pictures—like of Elvis hugging me and my grandson for instance! Now where else can you introduce your 4 year old grandson to Elvis Presley, let him watch him sing, then get a hug from the MAN himself! LOL!
As the fair fades off until next year, I try not to be sad, but to focus on the fun memories we’ve built as a family and with our friends. I have a blog now, so of course I’ll be writing about the
 fun. Check it out

I am the Queen of a Red Hat Society group in the area, named the Royal Red Divas. As well as posting to them, I can sometimes reach a thousand Red Hatters in the Triangle, and many more state wide and nationally. I also am active on facebook daily.

So, the three of us have many years experience, as North Carolina natives and from out of State, grandmother, mother, single young adult, and grandchildren (who may not be part of the team officially, but make us look good!)—all who share on blogs, in organizations and communities, facebook and other social media contacts..how could you ask for more than our team, the Deep Fried GRITS! Girls Raised In The South. Please choose us, we will do you proud!


Holshouser”, since we are kin to our former governor for whom your Village of Yesteryear building is named. )

Major outlets for promotion:

–Facebook, daily entries, multiples, three accounts plus family and group pages.

–Twitter @mamakat07

–Blog: https://heartofasouthernwoman.blogspot.com


–Triangle Mommies and The Mommies Network online forums

–Red Hat Society of North Carolina, national, state, and local chapter.

–You Tube, Ali has posted many times, Helen uses in blog, and Annie uses extensively for multiple reasons.

–NCSU Alumni Association, newsletters and online forums

–ASU Alumni Association, newsletters, and online forums

–Greensboro College AlumniAssociation, newsletters and online forums

And other organizations…

 So…what happened?  I’ll tell you in the next post!   Love you, Helen


Author: Helen Holshouser

Old enough to enjoy life, I am a Red Hatter, grandmother, gardener, and amateur genealogist. I am a retired clinical psychologist, master's level, who is disabled with heart disease, but having fun with family and friends. Married over 40 years, I have two grown daughters and three grandchildren. I have learned that grandchildren provide a joy one never knew existed---writing feeds my soul, gardening is therapy, and genealogy research makes me feel like a detective!

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